Council Tax Changes

November 19, 2012


Whilst other local authorities are consulting on forthcoming changes to Council tax legislation, Gedling Borough Council has decided not to consult the views of local residents. Instead, officers will present a report to December’s meeting of full council, which could be nodded through on the night, without any input from council taxpayers.

No details are yet available, but it has been suggested that the period of time allowed for a council tax discount on an empty property will be cut by half from six months to three.

EMPO is committed to ensuring that as many of its members as possible get a chance to have their say on Council tax changes proposed in their areas, so the association is extremely disturbed that some local authorities, like Gedling, are failing to consult on the changes.

Whilst this process of decision-making is allowed under current legislation, it speaks volumes of how little Gedling appears to value the opinions of local taxpayers by pressing ahead with these major changes without any consultation.

EMPO understands that the decision to implement any changes will take place at the meeting of full council on Monday 19th December. There is still time to act – by lobbying the decision makers, and those in opposition. Write, email or telephone those that can make a difference, and tell them (politely) what you think.

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